canteraseme said: Your pitiful state would be funny if it wasn't deeply saddening.

Let’s have sex.

thepatronsaintofparanoia said: They're fuckig awesome man they're like all white and shit. It's kick ass

sounds kick ass. Show me a pic of you wearing them.

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canteraseme said: Dirty like your face will be when I shove it into the mud?

Rawr that’s how I like it. Awoohoowhooowhoo. 

canteraseme said: Don't even think of it, you prick.

Talk dirty to me. 

finklikeme-deactivated20140521 said: You could join us, no?

join you in?

finklikeme-deactivated20140521 said: More? *thrusts hard, pressing deep into you* Like that, puppy? *flicks his hips again to hit the same spot, stroking in time, grazing nails against sensitive skin*

s-shit yeah…! *throws head back while cumming*

thepatronsaintofparanoia said: Guess who got creepers without your help! Fuck yea

good job.

thepatronsaintofparanoia said: Hey, Uncle Twitch. You ok?


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