100-punks-in-the-park said: Hi Revieboo.

hey, whatsyourname.

canteraseme said: If even "regret and booze" are considered mysteries for you, then you really need to cut down on whatever it is you take now that fries your brain. And don't try to play tough.

Stop telling me what to do.

canteraseme said: Careful not to cry.

you need a handkerchief?

canteraseme said: One more thing you will regret and drown in booze.

Stop talking in mystery.

canteraseme said: I know you don't, blondie.


canteraseme said: I hate you, Strychnine.

Me too, Carmen.

canteraseme said: Even if he did, I don't. So how dare you giving me pet names when you have done everything to push me away.

No petnames.

100-punks-in-the-park said: We're barely friends.

We could get to know each other better.

100-punks-in-the-park said: That's cute.

so no fuck?

Made of flesh and blood. My soul's made of stone. online